The Future of Tradition.

ACA is principally led by highly experienced senior professionals with accumulated experience of over 60 years. The company is driven by uncompromising quality, creating timeless, innovative and sustainable architecture. Our principals, Andrew Coulter & Barry Gallagher, bring an innovative approach to redefining traditional architectural values in the 21st century – values that are sensitive to both the built heritage and sustainability.

Our particular expertise lies in maximising the potential of every space producing uncompromised quality and increasing value that ultimately enriches and improves people’s lives. ACA’s ethos is to embrace challenging projects in order to find solutions for even the most complex of issues.

Evolving Expertise. 21st Century Craftsmanship.

ACA’s extensive portfolio including projects across Central London are testament to a simple, seamless approach to complex challenges. Beyond Central London, ACA’s project portfolio spans the UK, from London to Cheshire.

Whether the challenge is residential or commercial, your project will benefit from a hands-on approach working to ensure a clear understanding of your aims and ambitions from the outset. ACA provides a platform for building and maintaining strong relationships every step of the way and producing a co-ordinated project plan and a collaborative approach that delivers.

At a time when tradition is valued and sustainability is key, ACA have particular expertise in blending the old with the new to create spaces that feel familiar in their environment yet incorporate practical functionality.

Our mission is to build on our legacy of delivering exceptional quality design and finish that delights our clients, maximising the potential of spaces old and new, using our expertise to make traditional design work optimally in conjunction with innovative technology and sustainable principles.